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October Flame > Anthology: 2007-2017
October Flame - Anthology: 2007-2017
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Anthology: 2007-2017

October Flame

Release date:
August 9th, 2018
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Lovelorn Memories 07:17  
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2. The Damnation of a Restless Soul 12:11  
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3. Visions of Eternal Sorrow 10:31  
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4. Intro 01:18   instrumental
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5. A Suicidal Soul Buried by Cosmic Dust 06:55  
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6. Wandering the Astral Plains 01:10   instrumental
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7. May Demons Carry You to Your Grave 08:11  
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8. The Soul That Mourns 06:25  
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9. Mystic Wander 05:05   instrumental
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10. Euphorium 06:37   instrumental
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11. Sanctuary 11:11   instrumental
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12. Tortured Screams from a Cryptic Forest 05:59  
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13. Suicide Under the Serenity of the Moonlight 07:47  
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14. Embrace the Nightsky 04:03  
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15. Through Me 02:58  
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16. The Ascension of Flames 03:32  
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17. Darkness Shrouds the Realm 11:47  
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18. Frozen Lake 05:01   instrumental
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Austin Spitler Guitars, Vocals (lead)
Doug Petty Bass, Vocals
Nick Perez Drums
Pete Truax Guitars (lead)
Äsh Braithwaite Keyboards, Vocals (Female)
J.S Bass, Vocals (backing)
Berstuk Guitars (lead), Vocals, Keyboards, Drum programming
Mourning Soul Drums
Jinrith Guitars
V Keyboards (Session)
Jay Drums (session)
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Compilation album of the first 10 years of October Flame, minus the debut demo, "Remember the Fallen". Track listing goes chronologically backwards in time.

Recording information:

Track 1 Line-up:
Austin Spitler- Lead vocals/Guitar
Doug Petty- Bass
Äsh Braithwaite- Keyboards/Vocals (Female)
Nick Perez- Drums
Pete Truax- Guitar

Produced by Pete Bucci

Tracks 2-3 line up (2013) "Visions of Eternal Sorrow" demo
Austin Spitler- Guitar/Lead Vocals
Jinrith- Guitar
Jay Ramahi- Drums

Produced by Mike Pardi

Tracks 4-8 (2010)
Austin Spitler- Guitar/ Vocals
Jinrith- Guitar
Mike Perez- Drums
Jason Scarborough- Bass
Vincent Leary- Keyboards (session)

Produced by Art Paiz. Mixed and Mastered by Vincent Leary

Track 9 composed by Austin Spitler.
Tracks 10-11 composed by Erick Holter.

Tracks 12-18 (2008) "Embrace the Nightsky" demo Line-up:
Austin Spitler- Guitar/Vocals
Erick Holter- Guitar/Vocals/keyboards/Drum Programming

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