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Immortal Chaos Ascends

Occult Pantheon / Profound Grave

Release date:
March 24th, 2017
Catalog ID:
EN 001
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Ex Nihilo Music
500 copies
None yet
1. Profound Grave - Intro  
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2. Profound Grave - Black Bread for a Black Season  
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3. Profound Grave - Derange Temple Manifestation  
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4. Profound Grave - Universal Cadaver of Yahweh  
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5. Profound Grave - Outro  
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6. Occult Pantheon - Traveling Through the Arcane XIII  
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7. Occult Pantheon - I’ve Arrived at Charon Port (Omega)  
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8. Occult Pantheon - Sailing Through the Sea of Realities  
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9. Occult Pantheon - (Alpha) To the End of the Beginning  
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10. Occult Pantheon - Across the Portal  
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Occult Pantheon
Emperor Orravan Frostreus Drums, Vocals
Owlhell Bass
Conqueror Guitars (lead)
Profound Grave
Grave Guitars
Satran Vocals
Emperor Orravan Frostreus Drums
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Occult Pantheon's side is their 2015 demo, The Omega of the Alpha.

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