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Release date:
January 11th, 2017
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Temple of Flesh
50 copies
None yet
Side A - Hate
1. A Paroxysm of Hate 05:38  
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2. Dead Among the Dead 05:30  
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3. The Dead Wear Masks 06:50  
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4. Φόβος ανίκατε μάχαν 02:06  
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Side B - Graves
5. Entering the Necropolis 01:05   instrumental
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6. Through the Graves of Silenced Dreams 04:07  
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7. Sepulchral Oath 04:48  
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8. The Flesh Is My Coffin 05:10  
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9. To the Spirits (That Haunt Me) 01:34   instrumental
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10. My Beloved, the Shadow 05:06  
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11. Destined to Suffer 05:56  
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12. Necromancy 05:26  
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13. Erebus Approaching 02:12  
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Melmoth Drums
Adon Guitars, Bass, Vocals
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Co-released with Order of Theta.

Compilation of the “A Paroxysm of Hate” demo (2003) and “Through the Graves of Silenced Dreams” demo (2002). Black cassette with white on-body print packaged in a handmade black cloth sleeve with silkscreen-printed artwork including an A5 8-page lyric booklet printed on black stock and saddle-stitched by hand and hand-numbered in silver ink, includes digital download card.

Recording information:

Remastered at the Temple of Flesh in early 2016.

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