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Obeisance > Unholy, Unwholesome & Evil
Obeisance - Unholy, Unwholesome & Evil
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Unholy, Unwholesome & Evil


Release date:
March 30th, 2006
Catalog ID:
BlackSeed Productions
None yet
1. Caligula 05:54  
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2. Only Death Rules Here 03:45  
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3. Concordia Cemetery Desecrations 04:39  
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4. The Last Devil in Hell 04:21  
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5. Dark Gardens of Eternal War 04:07  
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6. Satanic Hunt and Slaughter of Women in Juarez 03:47  
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7. Slaughter in the Holy Cities 03:24  
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8. Apokalyptik Visions 04:48  
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Band members
Martin Von Fah-Q Bass, Vocals
Megiddo Blood Glutton Drums
The Evil Onit Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
C.J. Holguin Producer
Lux Inframundis Logo, Artwork, Layout
C.J. Holguin Producer
Lux Inframundis Logo, Artwork, Layout
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A video was made for "Apolkalyptik Visions".

12" LP w/ bonus tracks & alternate artwork released in 2009 by Hells Headbangers Records.

Released on tape by Deathcult Records.

Dedicated to Quorthon.

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