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Num Skull > Num's the Word
Num Skull - Num's the Word
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Thrash to the Bone
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Ritually Abused

Num's the Word

Num Skull

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Side A
1. No Morals 02:58   Show lyrics
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2. Mr. Hyde 03:30   Show lyrics
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3. Pirate's Night 04:59   Show lyrics
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4. No Train of Thought 05:01  
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Side B
5. The Henchman 05:06   Show lyrics
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6. Off with Your Head 04:00   Show lyrics
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7. Rigor Mortis 03:41   Show lyrics
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8. Murder by the Minister 03:59  
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Band members
Dave Fuller Bass
Jeff McGullam Drums
Eric Seiller Guitars
Tom Brandner Guitars
Skip McGullam Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Al Purvey Engineering, Producer
John Higgins Cover art
Al Purvey Engineering, Producer
John Higgins Cover art
Read Sinister thrash from the 80's 80% jugchord07 May 11th, 2010

Cover art by John Higgins.

Typesetting by Creative Graphics.

Music by T. Brandner and J. McGullam.

Demo cover by Action Printing.

Professionally printed demo cover with lyrics.

Professional, black studio tapes with white labels.

Recording information:

Recorded at Curved Air Studios on May 17th and August 2nd.

Engineered by Al Purvey.

Produced by Al Purvey and Num Skull.

Recorded on May 17th and August 2, 1986.

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