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Norz Feuer > Devers Septentrion
Norz Feuer - Devers Septentrion
Norz Feuer discography (all)
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Devers Septentrion

Norz Feuer

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1. Intro - Fiefz et terroirs de Nagaire 01:30   instrumental
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2. Day of Reprisal, Ride of Anger, Call of Death 04:25   Show lyrics
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3. Strong and Trustworthy Complaint of Ravens Forewarning the Guardians of Our Memory 07:14   Show lyrics
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4. Great Sails of Wind and Might Emerging from a Blizzard Sea 05:31   Show lyrics
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5. Worshiping and Remembrance for the Great Crossing of Northern Tribes 03:56   Show lyrics
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6. Hearing the Deep Breath of Ancient Forests of Wisdom Engulfing Dark Skies of Hope 06:12   Show lyrics
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7. Deafening Cries of Forefathers upon Tortuous Paths of Destiny 05:28   Show lyrics
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8. Of Wrath and Vengeance of Our Fierce Celtic Tribes Against Weakness and Dishonor of Ancestral Foes 03:58   Show lyrics
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9. Outro - Devers Septentrion Seoit 02:28   instrumental
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Olaf "Crimpbeard" Guitars, Bass, Drum programming, Songwriting
Yngvar "Skull Splitter" Vocals
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