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Nomenmortis > Exterminating the Bastard Forces
Nomenmortis - Exterminating the Bastard Forces
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Exterminating the Bastard Forces


Release date:
September 30th, 2005
Catalog ID:
Downfall Records
None yet
1. Unleashing the Hordes of Vengeance (Intro) 01:03  
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2. In the Sign of Punishment, Victory and Doom 02:37   Show lyrics
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3. Beyond the Landscape of Dreaming Mind 03:27   Show lyrics
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4. Enemyslayer - Bloodfreezing Warcry of N'De 04:54   Show lyrics
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5. A Voyage Through the Wrong Places and Times (Ire Lokke, Ire Tedd) 03:08   Show lyrics
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6. Mutants from Decaying Scumgarden 03:49   Show lyrics
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7. On the Thunderwings of Spirit Forever Free 04:33   Show lyrics
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8. Scourged into Abyssic Firewhirls 02:51   Show lyrics
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9. 1598 - Christmas with the Deathriders 03:27   Show lyrics
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10. Across the Plains of Ruin 02:43   Show lyrics
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11. Loss, Fury and Eternity 04:23   Show lyrics
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12. Entering the Catacombs of Insanity (Outro) 01:04  
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Was originally recorded in 2003, but had trouble finding a label, therefore was only released in 2005.


Barcode: 7320470040225

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