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The Whiskey Tapes Germany

Nocturnal Breed

Release date:
May 31st, 2018
Catalog ID:
FR 111
Folter Records
None yet
1. Intro - Splinter-Day (Video Intro - Fields of Rot) (German exclusive) 02:00  
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2. Metal Church (Previously unreleased) (Metal Church cover) 04:10  
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3. I'm Alive (Org Keyboard Version) (Previously unreleased; 1997) (W.A.S.P. cover) 04:11  
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4. Miss Misery (Previously unreleased) (Nazareth cover) 04:44  
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5. Evil Dead (R.I.P. Evil Chuck Edit 2011) (10th anniversary of Chuck's death) (Death cover) 03:02  
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6. Under The Blade (Alternate mix) (Twisted Sister cover) 04:02  
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7. Ballcusher (Raw mix) (W.A.S.P. cover) 03:05  
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8. Metal Thrashing Mad (Experimental mix) (Anthrax cover) 02:26  
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9. Dead Dominions (The Hour of Death Is At Hand) (Short edit) 05:52  
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10. Killernecro (Ubernecro version) 02:50  
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11. Barbed Wire Death (Demo 1998) (Previously unreleased) 03:55  
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12. No Retreat... No Surrender (Speed Metal Legions version) 05:05  
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13. Rape The Angels (Rehearsal September 1997) 04:23  
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14. Maggot Master (Experimental studio demo) (German exclusive) 05:08  
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15. The Artillery Command (Alternate mix) (German exclusive) 03:03  
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16. Alcoholic Rites (Experimental studio raw mix) (German exclusive) 02:44  
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Barcode: 4260149121110

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Added on: 2018-04-16 12:30:08 Last modified on: 2019-01-06 09:26:05