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Njiqahdda > Towers and Tides
Njiqahdda - Towers and Tides
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Become the Sun (It Never Was)

Towers and Tides


Release date:
April 2012
Catalog ID:
E.E.E. Recordings
1 review (avg. 63%)
1. Towers Constructed to Break the Sky 11:48  
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2. To Escape the Tide 07:46  
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3. Awaken 06:17  
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4. Adapting to Survival 07:33   instrumental
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/ Clean Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Field Recordings
_ Distorted Vocals, Bass, Drums
Read Duo's move to hardcore,... 63% NausikaDalazBlindaz July 6th, 2013

Exclusive release sent to people who donated to EEE Recordings when it was having financial difficulties in 2011-2012.

Track 1 is from an unreleased split with Horseback, Venowl and Cara Neir (2012).

Tracks 2-4 are from the To Escape the Tide EP, released by Ivory Antler (2012).

Recorded, mixed, and mastered in the Temple of Osstryx, 2012. Drums recorded in Hill Ave. - Studio A by SLH.

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