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Nihil Nocturne - Necrohell
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Nihil Nocturne

Release date:
December 2003
Catalog ID:
SOL 039
Solistitium Records
2 reviews (avg. 87%)
1. Wasteland of the Damned 06:41   Show lyrics
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2. Black Oath of Sacrifice 04:44   Show lyrics
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3. Born in Blasphemy 04:33   Show lyrics
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4. Compact Nothingness Supreme 05:06   Show lyrics
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5. Terror Satan Hate Modul 05:08   Show lyrics
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6. Evil from the Woods 04:58   Show lyrics
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7. The Paradise of Vaalghul 05:56   Show lyrics
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8. Horror Vacui 04:50   Show lyrics
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9. Necrotower 02:51  
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Vigridr Guitars, Bass
Nordvinth Vocals, Drums, Keyboard
Read Very Refreshing Black Metal 90% Irritation March 4th, 2007
Read Necro Fucking Hell 84% Danthrax_Nasty April 27th, 2004

CD version released by Solistitium Records.
MC version released by Total Holocaust Records in 500 copies.
LP version released in 2005 by World Terror Committee in 500 hand-numbered copies with a different cover and includes a bonus track entitled Fluch.

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