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Nihil Domination > Sudamerican Worship to Sathanas
Nihil Domination - Sudamerican Worship to Sathanas
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Two Satanic Conspirations
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Two Satanic Conspirations

Sudamerican Worship to Sathanas

Nihil Domination

Release date:
Catalog ID:
OCR 30
Old Cemetery Records
None yet
1. Luciferi Manifestation (Intro) 06:04  
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2. Slaves of the Blood Christianity 04:37  
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3. Jehovah's Desecration 02:58  
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4. The Rising of Satanas 02:34  
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5. Oblivious to Evil (Deicide cover) 05:50   Show lyrics
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6. Noise of Terror and Blasphemy 05:52  
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7. Demoniac Abomination 04:59  
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8. Masso Jesus Christ Suffering 02:12  
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9. The Black Vomit (Sarc√≥fago cover) 02:15   Show lyrics
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10. Satanas (Sarc√≥fago cover) 01:28   Show lyrics
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11. Raped Jesus Christ 01:27  
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Compilation containing the band's first two demos and one original track, "Raped Jesus Christ".

Lyrics by Blasphemous and Penetrator.

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