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Sado Perverser Goat Insulter

Nihil Domination

Release date:
December 2010
Catalog ID:
BGT 002
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Black Goat Terrorist 666
333 copies
None yet
1. Seventh Ritual of Desecration (Intro) 00:56  
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2. Raped Jesus Christ 02:30  
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3. Goat Fornicator of Whores 02:07  
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4. Nuclear Explosion in the Vagina of the Virgin Mary (Abortion) 02:51  
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5. Recrucified to Beheaded Nazarene 02:10  
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6. Ejaculator Goat Insulter 03:02  
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7. Consecration of the Black War 02:34  
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8. Vomiting in the Face of Jehovah 01:17  
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9. Summoning of the Goat Lucifer 03:27  
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Abhorer Drums
Penetrator Guitars
Blasphemous Vocals, Guitars
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LP/CD Version (LP is limited to 250 copies) by Nuclear War Now! Productions. The vinyl was co-released with Deathrash Armageddon.

Recording information:

According to the credits, this album was "Vomited in April year of Lucifer 2011"
"Recorded in the Ejaculator Terrorist studio
In the perverser rites of adoration in the wicked general cemetery of Guayakill"
Guayaquil - Ecuador

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