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Bestial Re-Desecrators

Nihil Domination / Vomit Christ

Release date:
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Limited edition
Bestial Desecration Records
200 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Vomit Christ - Black Incurtion in Haven 03:15  
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2. Vomit Christ - Christ's Black Torture 01:59  
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3. Vomit Christ - Eternal Serpent Goat 03:38  
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4. Vomit Christ - Defecation on Your Savior 03:20  
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5. Vomit Christ - Nuclear Masturbation in the Altar of the Liars 05:44  
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Side B
6. Nihil Domination - Noise of Terror and Blasphemy 03:34  
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7. Nihil Domination - Demoniac Abomination 06:07  
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8. Nihil Domination - Masso Jesus Christ Suffering 05:13  
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9. Nihil Domination - The Black Vomit (Sarc√≥fago cover) 02:20   Show lyrics
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10. Nihil Domination - Satanas (Sarc√≥fago cover) 02:20   Show lyrics
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11. Nihil Domination - Raped Jesus Christ ... Whores in Explotion 03:59  
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Nihil Domination
Abhorer Drums
Blasphemous Vocals, Guitars
Penetrator Guitars
Vomit Christ
Lord of Satanic Necrophilia (R.I.P. 2019) Everything
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Nihil Domination also includes rehearsal bonus tracks.

Recording information:

Vomit Christ side is Demo 1 Immpure Vomitor of the Bastard Fucked Christ

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