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Wishmastour 2000


Release date:
November 12th, 2001
Catalog ID:
XIII Bis Records
1 review (avg. 93%)
1. Wishmaster 04:24   Show lyrics
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2. Sleepwalker (Heavy Version) 03:07   Show lyrics
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3. Passion and the Opera (edit) 03:36   Show lyrics
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4. Nightquest 04:16   Show lyrics
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5. A Return to the Sea 05:49   Show lyrics
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6. Once upon a Troubadour 05:21   Show lyrics
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7. Sleeping Sun (video) 04:04   Show lyrics
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8. Sacrament of Wilderness (video) 04:12   Show lyrics
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Read Wishmastour 2000 93% Silmaril September 1st, 2003

"Sleepwalker" is an unreleased version from the session of the Wishmaster album that was previously featured as a B-side on some singles.
"Nightquest" is a bonus track from the Japanese version of the Oceanborn album.
"A Return to the Sea" is taken from the session of the Angels Fall First album.
"Once upon a Troubador" is a bonus track from the French version of the Angels Fall First album.

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