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Nightstalker > As Above, So Below
Nightstalker - As Above, So Below
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As Above, So Below


Release date:
October 7th, 2016
Catalog ID:
Oak Island Records
None yet
1. Naked Fire 03:08  
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2. Space Matter 03:56  
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3. Zombie Hour 05:10  
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4. The Dog that No-one Wanted 05:03  
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5. Deeper 03:50  
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6. Forever Stoned 04:34  
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7. We Belong to the Dead 04:45  
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8. My Electric Head 06:14  
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9. Blue Turns to Black 06:01  
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Dinos Roulos Drums
Tolis Motsios Guitars
Argy Drums, Vocals
Andreas Lagios Bass
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Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at Matrix Studio Athens during February-March, 2016.
Produced by Nightstalker.
Mixed by Nightstalker and Dimitris Misirlis.
Engineered by Dimitris Misirlis.
Mastered by Dimitris Papadimitriou and John Christodoulatos at Sweet Spot.
Artwork by Vagelis Petikas from Revolver Design.

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