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Nightingale > Box of Rock
Nightingale - Box of Rock

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Box of Rock


Boxed set
Release date:
June 22nd, 2009
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Night of the Demos: Dag  
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2. Night of the Demos: Dan  
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3. Live in Moscow 23/4 2006  
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4. Invisible Pre-Production 43:55  
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The Nightingale "Box of Rock".
One DVD and 3 CD:s featuring demos and unreleased songs. Limited to 40 copies.
All copies are numbered and signed by the band.
The first 20 copies features the "Making of" bonus DVD.


Night of the Femos: Dag

Demos for White Darkness, recorded in Studio Brown 2/3 2005-2006.

1. Feel So Live (Fields of Life)
2. World Inside (Trial and Error)
3. The Other Way (Reasons)
4. Your Shadow (White Darkness)
5. Limit My Day (Belief)
6. All of the Stars (Trust)

Demos for Invisible, recorded in Studio Brown 2 2004-2005.

7. Gimme Something More (Invisible)
8. Always Tryin to Do It for Free (A Raincheck on My Demise)
9. The Tunnel (One of the Lonely Ones)
10. Take Me in the Shadow (Worlds Apart)
11. Stalingrad

Demos for Alive Again, recorded In Studio Brown 1 2001-2002.

12. World Down Under (Falling)
13. I Can Fly (Into the Light)
14. Fireheart (State of Shock)
15. The Blame (The One)
16. Turning (Forever and Never)
17. Game Over (Demo recorded in 1999)
18. Fontän (Original version of “Intermezzo” recorded In 1988)
(Swedish lyrics by Jimmy Thunlind)


Night of the Demos: Dan

1. I Can See the Darkness (Glory Days / The Wake)
2. Eternal
3. Shadowplay (The Wake / Glory Days)
4. Still Alive
5. Atlantis Rising
6. The Bitter One (To the End)
7. Mister Ray (Misery)
8. Darkness (The Wake)
9. I Am Me (One Way Ticket)
10. Lost Again (One Way Ticket)
11. Healing the Wounds of My Soul (Wounded Soul)
12. Tills stormen är över (To My Inspiration)
13. Atlantamedley


Live in Moscow April 23, 2006.

1. Nightfall Overture
2. A Raincheck on My Demise
3. One of the Lonely Ones
4. Deep Inside of Nowhere
5. Into the Light
6. Eternal
7. Shadowland Serenade
8. Revival
9. Steal the Moon
10. Journey’s End
11. Stalingrad
12. Enigma
13. Black Tears
14. Losing Myself


Invisible pre-production.

Recorded at the rehearsal room & Musikbörsen 2004.

01. Still Alive
02. Invisible
03. A Raincheck on My Demise
04. Atlantis Rising
05. To the End
06. Misery
07. The Wake
08. One of the Lonely Ones
09. Worlds Apart
10. Stalingrad

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