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Towards Judgement

Niden Div. 187

Release date:
Catalog ID:
NR 6665
Necropolis Records
None yet
1. Black Water 04:20  
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2. Retinence 03:18  
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3. A View in the Mirror Black 03:46  
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4. Towards Judgement 04:04  
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Morth Drums
Leo Pignon Guitars, Bass
Henke Forss Vocals
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"Towards Judgement" was originally intended to be a demo, but during the recording process someone from Necropolis Records heard it and offered to release it as an official CD. Thus it became the first ND187 album.

There are two different covers to "Towards Judgement", the one pictured and an alternate one with the same photo placed in the middle of a dark black and white picture of a mound of bodies with the band logo above the hanged woman photo and the album title below it.

Recording information:

Recorded at Nidengate, Winter 1995-1996.


Barcode: 792658666522

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