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"The Total End of the Sunrise and the Souls..."

Nether Wisdom

Release date:
July 2019
Catalog ID:
30 copies
None yet
1. Intro  
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2. The Light of Death Arrives  
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3. The Total End of the Sunrise and the Souls...  
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4. Evocation   instrumental
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5. Funeral Lost  
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Faeror W. Drums
Chris Silva Guitars
Vagus Vocals
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Demo N°. 2 was released in the month of the JULY - AUGUST of the year 2019, called "The Total End Of The Sunrise And The SOULS... " with independent underground edition of 30 copies

* VGS - VAGUS (ex URHEIMAT - actually in PATHEI MATHOS) in voices, lyrics, in the art of death
* Chris Silva: guitars and compositions.
* FAEROR W.: All Drums and the compositions, ideas, concepts, etc.

NETHER WISDOM is cavernous,dark, grim, rotting and filthy Occult Death/Dark/Black Metal...

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