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Black Medieval Art


Release date:
March 8th, 2004
Catalog ID:
CCP 100245-2
CCP Records
1 review (avg. 93%)
1. Behind the Horizon 00:32   instrumental
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2. Battle Song 05:39   Show lyrics
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3. Prehistoric Crafts 01:22   instrumental
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4. Dark Triumphant Hordes 05:34   Show lyrics
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5. Melodies of Pride and Honour 02:02   instrumental
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6. Masters of Steel and Masters of Fight 06:41   Show lyrics
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7. Roving Clouds 00:49   instrumental
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8. The Era of Pureness 05:36   Show lyrics
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9. Seeds of Death 01:21   instrumental
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10. Devising of Black Strategies 05:50   Show lyrics
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11. Hymn to the Glory of Mother Nature 02:28   instrumental
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12. The Black Fortress 02:41   Show lyrics
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13. Before the Last Battle 02:23   Show lyrics
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14. Where the Eagles Fly 01:03   instrumental
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Alexander K. Hiebaum Guitars, Bass, Jew's harp, Drum programming
Clemens J. Hiebaum Keyboards
Mirko B. Vocals
Daniel Geiger Vocals
Read Most "medieval" album ever 93% KayTeeBee March 12th, 2005
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