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Neolith > Trips Through Time and Loneliness
Neolith - Trips Through Time and Loneliness
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Trips Through Time and Loneliness


Release date:
October 1996
Catalog ID:
CR 005
Ceremony Records
None yet
Side A - Time
1. Time's Trap Prologue 02:15   instrumental
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2. Tempter from a Maze of Time 03:53   Show lyrics
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3. My Time Has Come 03:20   Show lyrics
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4. Lunathiz Danze 00:41   Show lyrics
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5. The Shining in Her Eyes 02:50   Show lyrics
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6. Reborn 03:18   Show lyrics
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Side B - Loneliness
7. Forever Alone 07:03   Show lyrics
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8. Rethona Yerg Yad 02:37   Show lyrics
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9. This Is My Kingdom 05:09   Show lyrics
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10. Left Alone 07:12   Show lyrics
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11. Coil of Forgotten Souls 02:31   instrumental
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Miscellaneous staff
Manek Kurasz Engineering, Mixing
Manek Kurasz Engineering, Mixing
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Track origins:
01-06: Journeys Inside the Maze of Time
07-11: Promo '96

Line-up :
Monica E. - Vocals
Conrad - Guitars
Levianthan - Vocals
Yashin - Drums, Guitars (acoustic), Whistles
D'reck - Keyboards
Spider A.J. - Bass

Recording information:

Side A:
Recorded 1994/1995 at Manek Studio, Sanok.

Side B:
Recorded in 1996 at Manek Studio, Sanok.

Produced by Ceremony Records.

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