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Impurity / Nekromanteion > ...Worshippers in the Satanic Metal Temple
Impurity / Nekromanteion - ...Worshippers in the Satanic Metal Temple
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Necromantic Live Ritualization
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Nekromanteion discography (all)
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The Sinister Flame

...Worshippers in the Satanic Metal Temple

Impurity / Nekromanteion

Release date:
January 2017
Catalog ID:
GVP 022
Goat Vomits Productions
None yet
Side A
1. Impurity - Invocation of the World of Horrors  
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2. Impurity - Cult Anti - Matutinal  
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3. Impurity - Malediction  
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4. Impurity - The Excommunication  
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5. Impurity - Baphomet Shield (rehearsal)  
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Side B
6. Nekromanteion - Invocation (the initiation)  
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7. Nekromanteion - Spirit of Darkness  
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8. Nekromanteion - Cult of Death  
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9. Nekromanteion - Templvm Nekromantorvm  
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10. Nekromanteion - The Oath...  
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11. Nekromanteion - Spirit of Darkness (live 2014 a.b.)  
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Guilherme Cosse Drums
Ron Seth Bass, Guitars
Ram Priest Vocals
Nekromutilator Bass
Asag Guitars, Vocals
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Comes in a slipcase with a mini-booklet.

Impurity: Live in Santiago 2016.
Nekromanteion: "Spirit of Darkness" demo (2012) and bonus live track (Live in Santa Cruz).

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