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Necrowretch > Putrefactive Infestation
Necrowretch - Putrefactive Infestation
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Ripping Souls of Sinners

Putrefactive Infestation


Release date:
July 8th, 2011
Catalog ID:
DR - 019
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Detest Records
12" vinyl (45 RPM)
500 copies
2 reviews (avg. 85%)
Side A
1. Putrefactive Infestation 03:37   Show lyrics
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2. Sepulchral Pleading 03:14   Show lyrics
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Side B
3. A Rancid Spree 03:40   Show lyrics
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4. Sadistic Expiation 02:21   Show lyrics
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Band members
Amphycion Bass
Blastphemator Drums
Vlad Guitars, Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
M.N. Artwork
Amphycion Bass
Blastphemator Drums
Vlad Guitars, Vocals
M.N. Artwork
Read I want fuckin more!!!! 85% dismember_marcin June 13th, 2012
Read Necrowretch - Putrefactive... 85% Phuling January 5th, 2012

12"MLP on black and white vinyl.
Co-released by Detest Records (Belgium) & Me Saco Un Ojo (UK) (MSUO-18).

Recording information:

Recorded at Microclimat Studio. Mixed and mastered at Echoes Studio.

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