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A Decade of Laceration: 10 Splattered Years Live


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Dark Side Records
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1. Dying Inside of Death  
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2. Tearsm Anguish and Pain  
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3. Handcuffs  
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4. Repressing Selfishness  
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5. Human Execution  
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6. Expressão Mascarada  
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7. Laceration of Emotions  
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8. Putrid Glory  
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9. El Carnicero  
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10. Glory Days  
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11. Painfull Defecation  
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12. Elemental  
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13. Splaterred Heads  
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Set List: Marcel Valeriano, Rodrigo Lima
Sound Enginer: Virgílio Mello
Back Stage: Daniela Mello, Thomas Moutinho
Executive Producers: Wanderley Cepeda Júnior, Mauro Gil Meger, Preview Televisão e Vídeo

Recording information:

Recorded by Cromamix, Curitiba, Brazil
Live in Concert at Moinho São Roque, Curitiba, Brazil, 04 July 2003

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