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Necrostrigis - Relics of Blood Rites Sorcery
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Relics of Blood Rites Sorcery


Release date:
December 28th, 2011
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Putrid Cult
250 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Swamp Nation of Darkness Pantheon 01:46  
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2. The Essence of Nordic Evil 04:46  
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3. Caves of Great Old Demons 05:13  
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Side B
4. Crypt of Deceased Souls 03:27  
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5. Solitary Spirit of Winter Blackness 04:27   instrumental
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6. Envoy of Frozen Wastelands 04:55  
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Neimad Hellheimm Guitars, Bass
Wolfvamphyr Vocals, Drums
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Cass.-MLP limited to 250 pro-tapes.

Re-release as 12"LP with different mix, changed cover and 3 bonus tracks by Discipline Productions on 1st December 2012. Limited to 121 pieces and dedicated namely to the owner.

7. Abyssal Ceremonies of Devilish Warriors
8. Black Metal (Rebellion of the Blackest Hymns)
9. Han Som Reiste

New cover art made by Xanthax of ex-Darkstorm, Dywizjon 88, Cthulhu/Corpus Vermis zine.
Lyrics to 8th track is written by Polish satanist Cezar, imprisoned in 1997 (for 25 years) after murder and several church burnings.
Guest keyboards on 9th track (Burzum cover) by GrimSpirit of Evilfeast.

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