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Necrorgasm > Cannibalism
Necrorgasm - Cannibalism
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Release date:
January 9th, 2015
Catalog ID:
ABP 064
Ablaze Productions
None yet
1. Cannibalism 03:13   Show lyrics
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2. Typhus 03:00   Show lyrics
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3. In Crypts We Breed 03:34   Show lyrics
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4. Afterlife Prostitution 03:27   Show lyrics
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5. Doped & Out to Slaughter 03:58   Show lyrics
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6. Double Rape Penetration 04:36   Show lyrics
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7. Spawn of Perversion 03:13   Show lyrics
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8. Rot Addiction 03:04   Show lyrics
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9. Eat the Rich 04:39   Show lyrics
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Savvas Bass
Kostas Drums
Marios Vocals
John Doe Guitars
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All music and lyrics by Necrorgasm except:
In Crypts We Breed (Music: John Doe-Christos Morgue, Lyrics: Christos Morgue -Marios)
Spawn Of Perversion (Music:John Doe- Christos Morgue, Lyrics: Christos Morgue)
Eat The Rich (Music:John Doe-Kostas Maggot)
Solo in Double Rape Penetration by Lefteris Nasos from Misconception

Artwork by Remedy Art DesignGiannis "Remedy" N.

Recording information:

Necrorgasm uses:
Guitars: ESP Viper
Bass: Ibanez SDGR SR400
Drums: Tama Star Series Bubinga
Peavey 5150III and Laney Ironheart amps
Ampeg SVT3 Pro amp and Ashdown & MXR pedals

Produced by "O Grego" and Necrorgasm
Mixed & Mastered by 'O Grego"

Added by: Aldaril Modified by: Krister Jensen
Added on: 2015-01-26 11:49:45 Last modified on: 2016-04-13 02:40:01