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Slaves of the Magic


Release date:
February 1993
Catalog ID:
None yet
Side A
1. Intro: The Nomed 01:35   instrumental
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2. Slaves of the Magic 04:36  
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3. My Dreams 03:31  
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4. Final Chapter 04:53  
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5. Destroyed Youth 05:37  
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Side B
6. Eternal Putrefaction 05:26  
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7. War and Pain 04:48  
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8. Children of the Grudge 04:32  
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9. Waiting for My Death 04:12  
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César Morán Bass, Vocals (backing)
Paul Pinto Drums
Gustavo Bermúdez Vocals, Guitars
Miguel Martinez Guitars
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Originally recorded in cassette format. Reissued on CD in 2002 by Yawar Inti Productions.

Reissued on CD again by Gate of Horror Productions with the following bonus tracks:
10 - Eternal Putrefaction (live)
11 - Black Magic (Slayer cover) (live)
12 - Witches' Sabbath (live)
13 - Waiting for My Death (live)

Allthough the backcover says track 11 is "Slaves of the Magic" but it is not.

Rereleased on CD by Postunder in 2014 with 4 bonus tracks.

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