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Nightmare Scenarios


Release date:
October 2004
Catalog ID:
RSR 0178
Red Stream, Inc.
None yet
1. The Divine Art of Torture  
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2. Ze Do Caixao  
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3. Sick Room  
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4. Flowers of Flesh and Blood  
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5. Rue Morgue Disciple  
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6. Upon Frayed Lips of Silence  
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7. Blaspheme the Blood  
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8. Flowers of Flesh and Blood (Version 2)  
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9. Upon Frayed Lips of Silence (Uncut Version)  
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Killjoy (R.I.P. 2018) Vocals
Iscariah Bass
Titta Tani Drums
Frediablo Guitars
Fug Guitars
Mirai Kawashima Keyboards
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Nightmare Scenarios features the following:

9 videos in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround,

exclusive interviews with Killjoy, Paul Naschy, Jose Moral, Jorge Zarco, Dario Ferrer, and J. Luis Martine.

Behind the Scenes - Set Building .

How to make a monster: The Uncreation of Music(k).
An introduction by Coffin Joe,
Trailer for Necrophagia's Sickcess DVD,
Still Gallery, and a special guest appearance by Necrophagia Goddess Jenna Jameson!


Barcode: 6 66616 01789 6

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