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Goblins Be Thine


Release date:
Catalog ID:
RSR 0170
Version desc.:
US digipak
Red Stream, Inc.
2 reviews (avg. 78%)
1. Young Burial 03:34   Show lyrics
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2. To Sleep with the Dead 04:29   Show lyrics
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3. The Fog 11:57   Show lyrics
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4. Sadako's Curse 04:30   Show lyrics
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5. Goblins Be Thine 04:16   Show lyrics
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6. Untitled (Harvest Ritual excerpt) [CD Hidden Bonus Track] 03:06  
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Killjoy (R.I.P. 2018) Vocals
Frediablo Guitars
Iscariah Bass
Titta Tani Drums
Fug Guitars
Mirai Kawashima Keyboards
Read Some good vocals, but... 65% Idrownfish May 8th, 2010
Read evolution of horror metal 90% michinoku March 18th, 2005

First few copies were released with bonus artwork posters.

Track listing on the packaging is incorrect:
track 1 as Sadako's Curse, 3 as Young Burial, 4 as The Fog.

The bonus track is mostly made of cut-up horror movie trailers.

Recording information:

Recorded at Godt Selskap, Trondheim, Norway and Electric Space Studio Japan, Tokyo, Japan.
Produced by Necrophagia.

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