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Death Is Fun


Release date:
Catalog ID:
RSR 0106
Red Stream, Inc.
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1. Abomination 04:06   Show lyrics
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2. Young Burial 02:04   Show lyrics
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3. Black Apparition 05:16  
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4. Chainsaw Lust 01:10  
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5. Death Is Fun 00:47  
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6. Intense Mutilation 00:49  
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7. Autopsy on the Living Dead 02:17  
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8. Witchcraft 02:49  
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9. Power Through Darkness 01:48   Show lyrics
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10. Young Burial 02:06   Show lyrics
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11. Chainsaw Lust 01:07  
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12. Autopsy on the Living Dead 02:05  
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Miscellaneous staff
Drew Elliott Artwork
Paul Booth Cover art
Patrick Tremblay Photography
Mike Riddick Artwork
Drew Elliott Artwork
Paul Booth Cover art
Patrick Tremblay Photography
Mike Riddick Artwork
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Released by Red Stream Inc. ca. 1994 (cat. # RSR-0106, co-released with Morbid Granny, run by a member of the Meat Shits). Artwork by Drew Elliott.
The tracklist on the back cover is correct, and so are the track sources, but the recording year for the "Nightmare Continues" demo and the unreleased EP is erroneously listed as 1987 when they are in fact from 1986.

Re-released by Red Stream alone in 2000 as Digipack CD with different cover art by Paul Booth (on photo) and two bonus tracks. Later (ca. 2006) re-released as CD Jewel Case (both have cat. # RSR-0142) with another cover art by Patrick Tremblay (from the booklet front of the 2000 edition).
The tracklist on the back covers is wrong (only 12 track numbers, only 13 track titles, it actually has 14 tracks). The inlays also switch the track sources for the "Power Through Darkness" and "Nightmare Continues" demos, and also gives the wrong recording year for the latter.

The two bonus tracks are:
13. Necrophagia 03:25
14. Vomit 00:55
Total playing time for this version is 30:44

Correct tracklist & sources:
Tracks 1-3 taken from "Nightmare Continues", Demo, 1986
Tracks 4-7 taken from ureleased 7'' EP, 1986
Tracks 8-12 taken from ''Power Through Darkness", Demo, 1986
Tracks 13-14 taken from ''The Hallow's Evil'', Rehearsal tape, 10-31-1985
All tracks recorded at Peppermint Studios.

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