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Necrophagia > 1983~1987 / 1994~1998
Necrophagia - 1983~1987 / 1994~1998
Necrophagia discography (misc)
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The Wicked
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1983~1987 / 1994~1998


Boxed set
Release date:
October 31st, 2007
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
AreaDeath Productions
200 copies
None yet
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Released by AreaDeath Productions (China) as 3CD Boxed Set, limited to 200 copies. Also released as separately 2CD "Season Of The Dead 1983-1987" (cat. # ADP012) and "Holocausto de la Morte 1994-1998" (cat. # ADP013), limited to 1000 copies each. Manufactured and distributed in China by Xmusick League.

The boxset includes:
the China re-issues of the first two albums "Season of the Dead" as a double CD with tons of demo & rehearsal footage, and "Holocausto de la Morte" CD with bonus track. The CD booklets are redone with lengthy interviews, info and photos;
A long sleeve shirt, or regular r-shirt- HEAVY THICK MATERIAL with an exclusive unseen design;
A NECROPHAGIA two color pin;
A NECROPHAGIA two color patch;
A NECROPHAGIA two color sticker;
two small band photos covering two periods in time of NECROPAHGIA (particularly the "Season" and "Holocausto" eras);
an 'OBI' cover (Chineese front disc loader attachment);
Chinese lyric sheet translation.


"Season Of The Dead", 1987

1. Intro: Season Of The Dead
2. Forbidden Pleasure
3. Bleeding Torment
4. Insane For Blood
5. Reincarnation
6. Ancient Slumber
7. Mental Decay
8. Abomination
9. Terminal Vision
10. Painful Discharge
11. Beyond And Back

Unreleased 7'' EP, 1986

12. Chainsaw Lust
13. Intense Mutilation
14. Return To Life
15. Autopsy On The Living Dead

CD2: Demos

"Death Is Fun", Demo, 1984

1. Autopsy On The Living Dead
2. Death Is Fun
3. Communion Of Death
4. Insane For Blood

"Autopsy On The Living Dead", Demo 1985

5. Necrophagia
6. Vomit

"Rise From The Crypt", Rehearsal Demo, 1985

7. Rise From The Crypt
8. Kill...
9. Chainsaw Lust
10. Demonic Possession

"Power Through Darkness", Demo 1986

11. Witchcraft
12. Power Through Darkness
13. Young Burial
14. Chainsaw Lust
15. Autopsy On The Living Dead

"Nightmare Continues", Demo 1986

16. Intro / Abomination
17. Communion Of Death
18. Young Burial
19. Black Apparition


"Holocausto de la Morte", 1998

1. Bloodfreak
2. Embalmed Yet I Breathe
3. The Cross Burns Black
4. Deep Inside, I Plant The Devils Seed
5. Burning Moon Sickness
6. Cadaverous Screams of My Deceased Lover
7. Children Of The Vortex
8. Hymns Of Divine Genocide

"Black Blood Vomitorium", EP 2000

9. And You Will Live in Terror
10. They Dwell Beneath
11. It Lives In The Woods
12. Black Blood Vomitorium

"Lives In The Woods", Demo 1998

13. Devil Eyes (Right title: Burning Moon Sickness)
14. Burning Moon Sickness (Right title: It Lives In The Woods)

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