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Necramyth > Slaughter of the Seoul
Necramyth - Slaughter of the Seoul
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Slaughter of the Seoul


Release date:
November 13th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Practical Art Records
None yet
1. The Mandala with Thousand Arms 02:42  
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2. Rotten Truth 04:23  
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3. Behind the Mask of Sin 04:48  
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4. Man's Fate 04:30  
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5. 444 Pagan Ways to... 05:36  
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6. Nymphonic Queen of Blood 05:59  
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7. VI Heaven III Calyx IV Anthem 01:29  
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8. Painless Civilization 04:15  
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9. Ravenouz Ritual 04:44  
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10. Daunt 10:45  
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Johan Bass
Veillko (R.I.P. 2011) Drums
Herlock Guitars
Urlock Vocals, Guitars
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This album comes as a bonus disc in the first 1000 copies of Woods of Ypres' Woods IV: The Green Album.

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