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Immortal Warriors

Nauseous Surgery

Release date:
December 6th, 2003
Catalog ID:
GPR 001
Genocide Productions
1 review (avg. 33%)
1. Touched by Master 06:32   Show lyrics
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2. Voodoo Ritual 03:36   Show lyrics
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3. Immortal Warriors 04:18   Show lyrics
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4. Deceased Body 05:05   Show lyrics
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5. Official Drugs Slave 05:09   Show lyrics
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6. Lethal Cold Wind 05:04   Show lyrics
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7. The Hangman Tree 03:13   Show lyrics
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8. Extraction of an Infectious Soul Tumour 03:58   Show lyrics
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9. Traumatic Amputation 05:27   Show lyrics
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Band members
João Crematorium Guitars
Alex Corpse Guitars
Anthony Cold Wind Vocals
Júnior Surgery Bass
Wagner Drums
Nildo Vocals (backing)
Miscellaneous staff
Wagner Producer, Mixing
Nildo Vocals (backing)
Wagner Producer, Mixing
Read are you fucking joking... 33% Noktorn June 8th, 2011

Recording information:

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Orbis Studios

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