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Geliebte des Regens


Release date:
November 2003
Catalog ID:
NC 065
No Colours Records
7 reviews (avg. 79%)
1. Intro - Calling the Rain 03:58   instrumental
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2. Manchmal wenn sie schläft 17:40   Show lyrics
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3. Wenn Regen liebt (Zwiegespräch mit mir) 11:58   Show lyrics
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4. Von Scherbengestalten und Regenspaziergang (Vision eines realen Todes) 11:51   Show lyrics
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5. Manchmal wenn sie schläft (In musikalisch differenter und kristalliner Lebensform) 17:16   Show lyrics
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6. Outro - Leb' wohl 10:18   instrumental
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Band members
Kanwulf Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Didgeridoo, Rainmaker
L'Hiver Drums
D. Didgeridoo
Kanwulf Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Didgeridoo, Rainmaker
L'Hiver Drums
D. Didgeridoo
Read Audacity 71% PhantomMullet December 9th, 2011
Read Love It Or Hate It. 80% Perplexed_Sjel September 22nd, 2007
Read Hauntingly Emotional 97% Scytale July 26th, 2006
Read Sad, moody, and ethereal 94% The_Ghoul November 19th, 2005
Read The last good album by... 66% DuskLord December 2nd, 2004
Read Dissappointment! Boredom!... 50% Thorgrim666 May 17th, 2004
Read Excellent 95% Kodos86 March 12th, 2004

Contains english translations of the lyrics.

The songs 2, 3, 4 are dedicated to:
- Doreen
- me
- us, the fallen,

Translations from German:
The beloved of the rain
2. Sometimes while she sleeps
3. When rain loves (dialogue with me)
4. From shardfigures and a walk in the rain (visions of a real death)
5. Sometimes while she sleeps (in musically different and crystalline form of life)
6. Outro - Fare well

Vinyl pressings:
2003 - No Colours Records (NC 065), double vinyl, gatefold cover, black vinyl, 500 copies.
2003 - No Colours Records (NC 065), double vinyl, gatefold cover, blue vinyl, 500 copies.

Tape pressings:
2008 - Evil Rising Productions (ER 014), 300 copies.

Recording information:

Instruments recorded at the same time as Rasluka I & II on June 3rd - 5th 2001. Vocals recorded in spring 2003.


Matrix / Runout: 66065 - NC065
Other (Rights Society): STEMRA

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