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Nargaroth > Black Metal manda hijos de puta
Nargaroth - Black Metal manda hijos de puta
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Black Metal manda hijos de puta


Live album
Release date:
October 4th, 2012
Catalog ID:
NC 167
Version desc.:
Limited edition
No Colours Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
1000 copies
1 review (avg. 90%)
Side A
1. Black Metal ist Krieg 04:25   Show lyrics
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2. Hunting Season 04:54   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
3. Agonizer 03:38  
  (loading lyrics...)
4. Abschiedsbrief des Prometheus 05:19   Show lyrics
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5. Stabbed in 'he Balls 05:14  
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Side B
6. Semper Fi 04:04   Show lyrics
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7. The Day Burzum Killed Mayhem 08:56   Show lyrics
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8. War (Burzum cover) 02:12   Show lyrics
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9. Freezing Moon (Mayhem cover) 06:21   Show lyrics
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10. Black Blasphemic Death Metal 08:13   Show lyrics
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Band members
Unk Guitars
Charoon Guitars
Ash Vocals
Erebor Drums
Thorn Guitars
Unk Guitars
Charoon Guitars
Ash Vocals
Erebor Drums
Thorn Guitars
Read A fantastic live band! 90% Guilaz999 June 5th, 2013

Vinyl delineation:
- 200 black
- 200 transparent blue
- 200 transparent red
- 200 transparent green
- 200 amber

Includes an A-1 poster. Gatefold cover. Hand-numbered.

Black Metal Manda Hijos de Puta is to be seen as a tribute to the black metal scene of Latin America regarding the experiences during the Latin American tours in the years 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011.

The band calls the release a tour album.

The title equates to "Black Metal Rules, Motherfuckers" and literally translates to "Black Metal Rules Sons of a Bitch" in Spanish.

A video has been made for "Black Blasphemic Death Metal". The band considers it as its first and only official video.

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