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Release date:
April 18th, 2005
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
CD-R, Slimline DVD case
NOTHingness REcords
111 copies
5 reviews (avg. 81%)
1. Clinodactyl 21:43   Show lyrics
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2. Autosomal 10:10  
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3. Ossification 20:42  
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Aidan Baker Guitar, Drum programming, Vocals
Leah Buckareff Bass, Vocals
Read My name is Scrambles and... 85% BastardHead December 24th, 2014
Read Could have been more... 60% NausikaDalazBlindaz February 6th, 2008
Read Patience Is A Virtue. 82% Perplexed_Sjel September 22nd, 2007
Read Dronegaze yay 83% caspian April 5th, 2007
Read .............!!!!!!!! 96% BallOfMoltenLead July 20th, 2005

CD-R limited to 111 copies in slimline DVD case.

CD-R re-released by NOTHingness REcords October 6th, 2005 limited to 66 copies.

CD-R re-released by Profound Lore Records May 9th, 2006 as a factory pressed CD limited to 500 copies with two unmentioned and untitled bonus tracks:
04. Untitled (08:08)
05. Untitled (11:36)

Re-released by Equation Records as a 12" DLP limited to 300 copies on 180g vinyl: 200 on black vinyl and 100 with LP 1 on pure white and LP 2 on "corrupted white" ("corrupted" with black streaks, representing the corruption of the body from the rare genetic dissorder fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) which was the inspiration for this recording). Comes in a glossy gatefold sleeve with some new artwork not on the original CD issues, a numbered B&W insert, an errata (as several typographical errors found their way onto the sleeve notes), a label mail-order catalogue, a small essay on FOP on the inner gatefold, and housed in a poly bag "sealed" with a numbered sticker on the open edge, and two new versions of Autosomal:
B1. Autosomal (Version 2) (20:38)
C1. Autosomal (Version 3) (23:00)

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