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Ancient Howls of Dawning Fury


Release date:
July 16th, 2018
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Ascension Monuments Media
None yet
1. Infernal Fury 04:29  
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2. Reign of the Malicious 04:37  
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3. Ritual Sacrifice 05:04  
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4. Under the Horns of Darkness 06:05  
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5. May Darkness Consume the Earth 05:26  
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6. Ashes to Ashes (2003 original demo version) 04:56  
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7. Keep Them Open (2005 EP version) 02:08  
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Azentrius Guitars, Vocals (lead), Bass
Pat "Noctis" McCormick Drums
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Also released as CD and vinyl with different bonus tracks on each version. Cassette released is also planned.

This is the version of the original (and previously unreleased) debut studio album. This recording was intended to be used for "Reign of the Malicious" and was recorded in a (semi) professional studio, unlike the actual released LP, which was recorded on 4-track. A young, 17-year-old duo at the time, Nachtmystium decided this recording was too "clean" for their tastes back then, scraped this version of the record, and re-recorded their infamous debut in April 2001. This recording is from February 2001 and features the same line-up as the album.

Recording information:

Recorded in February 2001.

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