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Strange Ways to Ancient Times


Release date:
Catalog ID:
DH 006
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Dark Hidden Productions
614 copies
1 review (avg. 90%)
1. C-moll Präludium 02:01   instrumental
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2. Walk the Path of Conquest 04:24   Show lyrics
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3. Aspiring Heights 04:16   Show lyrics
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4. A Lone Disdainful Proud Spirit 03:23   Show lyrics
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5. Prelude in A minor for organ, violin and cello 03:02   instrumental
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6. i - Sehr gewaltsam (nach Ulfhethnars' "A call for the rising mists") 03:08   instrumental
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7. ii - Streng 06:20   instrumental
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8. iii - Rondo: Lebhaft 02:00   instrumental
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9. i - Gewaltsam 04:17   instrumental
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10. ii - Düster 01:58   instrumental
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11. iii - Rondo: Lebhaft 02:07   instrumental
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12. No. 1 in D minor 03:02   instrumental
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13. No. 2 in Ab minor 01:45   instrumental
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14. No. 3 in D minor 02:01   instrumental
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15. No. 4 in A minor 02:07   instrumental
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16. Piano piece after Ulfhethnar's "A call for the rising mists" 08:14   instrumental
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17. No. 1 in C minor for harpsichord: Alone in the Dark Castle 03:42   instrumental
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18. No. 2 in A major for organ: A Dream of Pastoral Delights 01:41   instrumental
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19. No. 3 in C minor for harpsichord: The Ruined Black Tower and the Endless Forest 02:10   instrumental
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20. No. 4 in D minor for organ: The Moon, the Graveyard and the Lonesome Road 02:55   instrumental
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21. No. 5 in D minor for harpsichord: Ghastly Vision haunting the Ivied Pile 01:40   instrumental
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22. No. 6 in C minor for organ: The Dweller in Shadows 02:15   instrumental
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Band members
Eviigne Everything
Miscellaneous staff
Eviigne Songwriting, Lyrics
Eviigne Everything
Eviigne Songwriting, Lyrics
Read Strange Ways to Ancient Times 90% BabaYaga666 April 9th, 2010

The "C-mon Präludium" is a personal black transcription of the prelude BWV 847, from "Das Wohltemmperierte Klavier, Bk. I. by J.S. Bach (1685-1750).
Cover engraving by Gustavo Doré (1833-1883).
Back-cover painting by Caspar-David Friedrich (1774-1840).

Tracks 1-4: Book I - The Four New Storms
Tracks 5-22: Book II - Hidden Ancient Works

Tracks 6-8: Concerto in F minor for strings and continuo
Track 9: Concerto in G minor for violin and strings -excerpt-
Tracks 10-11: Sonata in G minor for harpsichord, flute and oboe -excerpts-
Tracks 12-15: Four preludes and fugues for harpsichord
Tracks 17-22: Six fugues on H. P. Lovecraft's "The Outsider"

The entire album was completely remastered and remixed in 2009 and the classical songs were given a fuller orchestral sound.

Recording information:

Book I (1-4) recorded at The Black Tower Studio during Autumn 2005.
Book II (5-22) composed and recorded throughout the period 2001-2004.

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