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Mucophagus / Emetic Urges > Mucophagus / Emetic Urges
Mucophagus / Emetic Urges - Mucophagus / Emetic Urges
Mucophagus discography (all)
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Mucophagus / Emetic Urges

Mucophagus / Emetic Urges

Release date:
July 8th, 2022
Catalog ID:
CI 01
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Cynical Impulse
100 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Mucophagus - Ceremony of Worms 02:41  
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2. Mucophagus - Slathered in Fetal Pus  
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3. Mucophagus - Putrescent in Excrescence  
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4. Mucophagus - Ritual Afterbirth 01:57  
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5. Mucophagus - Undulating Mass of Necrosis  
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6. Mucophagus - Blessed Excrement  
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7. Mucophagus - Intoxicated with Rot  
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8. Mucophagus - Corpse Phlegm  
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9. Mucophagus - Bring the Bones Before Him  
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10. Mucophagus - Pulverized Necrobrains (Xysma cover)  
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Side B - Earsplitting Echoes of Necrocarcinomic Fermentation
11. Emetic Urges - Pulsating Amalgamation of Festering Anthroputrescence 01:55  
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12. Emetic Urges - My Skin Peels  
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13. Emetic Urges - Nauseating Vasolysic Eruption, Caused and Treated by Intravenous Suppuration  
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14. Emetic Urges - Undetected Incubation of Stigmatoplasic Residue 01:27  
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15. Emetic Urges - Obsessed by Viscera 00:40  
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16. Emetic Urges - Goreclotted Oropharyngeal Dysphagia  
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17. Emetic Urges - Dragged Through Sewage, Drained of Blood  
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18. Emetic Urges - Uterinemesis, Resulting in New Growth  
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19. Emetic Urges - Larvaesthenic Organ Excretion  
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20. Emetic Urges - Failed Removal of Urogestating Maggotoma 01:18  
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21. Emetic Urges - Repulsive Yearning for Suppurating Intravisceral Hyperphagia, Followed by Intense Orgasm  
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22. Emetic Urges - Execraplasia  
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23. Emetic Urges - Draw Nourishment from Open Wound  
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24. Emetic Urges - Suffering in Septicemic Visceralysis  
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Ninkaszi Drums, Vocals
Spewfrey Bass
C. Dead Guitars
Emetic Urges
ras All instruments, Vocals
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Blood-red pro cassette hand-numbered copies with case and handmade inserts.

Recording information:

Mucophagus: Recorded and observed at the Mucophocrypt throughout December 2020 by Monsignor Spewfrey

Emetic Urges: Recorded, and mixed by Ras between January and February 2022

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