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Release date:
April 12th, 1993
Catalog ID:
Bachoven Musicwerks
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1. Speed Train 02:16  
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2. I Fly 02:58  
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3. Romance o' Blu 04:02   Show lyrics
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4. The Shoe 03:36  
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5. Hope and Glory 03:26  
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6. The Young Man Years 03:09  
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7. Fortress Around Your Heart (Sting cover) 04:19   Show lyrics
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8. Static D.J. 03:36  
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9. Three Strikes Again 04:15  
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10. Sea Shells 02:15  
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11. Enemies 03:05  
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Adam Vocals, Piano
Peter Perdichizzi Guitars, Vocals
James Clarke Book Bass, Vocals
Ralf Balzer Drums
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There were two versions of this album (with different track lists) released in America, as well as a Japanese import which has a different track list than either of the domestic versions.

Track list for Japan:
1. Static (D.J.)
2. Speed Train
3. I Get a Kick Out of You
4. Seashells
5. Romance O' Blu
6. The Shoe
7. Fortress Around Your Heart
8. Three Strikes Again
9. Hope and Glory
10. The Young Man Years
11. I Fly
12. Miss Otis regrets
13. Great Expectations
14. Japan is Calling


Barcode: 768569000120

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