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Beside the Sculptured Majesty

Mourning Palace

Release date:
October 2nd, 2003
Catalog ID:
Storm 1
Bloodhead Production
None yet
1. За знамёнами зла 04:43  
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2. ...Где миром правит темнота 05:35  
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3. Moon Soar to Deep 05:28  
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4. Christendom Destruction 04:15  
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5. Cross, Crown and Death 04:18  
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6. Абстрактный созерцатель 04:54  
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7. Скульптуры соития 04:41  
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8. Black Garden's Throne 05:13  
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9. I Need Flesh (EXTRAvagant bonus track) 01:45  
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8th track ends with strange effect (like cassette tape starts to playback twice faster). This is a bug from original tape.

Recording information:

All songs composed written by Mourning Palace (December '98 - February '00).
All lyrics by Yrt Glormkhaoth.
Recorded in February 2000.
Mixed and mastered by Shastopalov S. & MP in Autumn '00.
Remastered constructions for re-release "Beside the Sculptured Majesty" 2003 (special for Bloodhead Production) made by Yrt at FMC (Frost Music Cacophony Studio) in January - February '03.
Bonus track theme written by Yrt, Valsythor & Alex.Exe (10.02.03).
Female vocals by T. Levchenko.
Logo artwork by R. Trushov and Yrt.
Photography by Alex.Exe.
Cover design by V. Zhuravlyov and M.P.

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