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Mortuary Drape > Secret Sudaria
Mortuary Drape - Secret Sudaria
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Secret Sudaria

Mortuary Drape

Release date:
May 1997
Catalog ID:
Nazgul's Eyrie Productions
1 review (avg. 90%)
1. Obsessed by Necromancy 04:58   Show lyrics
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2. Wandering Spirits 05:06   Show lyrics
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3. Abbot 04:50   Show lyrics
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4. Necromancer 03:18   Show lyrics
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5. Evil Death 03:00   Show lyrics
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6. Madness 03:33   Show lyrics
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7. Secret Sudaria 01:15   instrumental
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8. Cycle of Horror 04:50   Show lyrics
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9. Necromaniac 05:17   Show lyrics
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10. Presences 04:04   Show lyrics
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11. Malediction 06:42   Show lyrics
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Read This is what black metal... 90% Abominatrix December 1st, 2003

Re-released on LP by (#invalid label link ID#) in 2002. 300 copies on black vinyl.
Although this re-release was licensed from Nazgul's Eyrie Productions, Mortuary Drape consider this re-release to be a bootleg as they never authorised it.

Re-released on DLP by Iron Tyrant (June 26th, 2009, ITR-017). 500 copies on black vinyl, 300 copies on picture disc (disc 1) and purple vinyl (disc 2).
100 copies on gold vinyls and 100 on silver vinyls including a special yellow 7" EP. Comes with silken cloth cover bound in gold/silver thread and 2-sided gold/silver print.
Special editions featuring bonus 7" with two songs from 1997:
12. Pentagram
13. Undead Revenge
The first numbered copies of the silver vinyls come with the EP which has mixed yellow and clear colors. 3 copies have black and yellow mixed. Around 15 of these exist altogether.
Also pressed, yet not sold: 19 copies test presses, complete with covers, inserts and purple cloth cover printed in gold, 1 copy test press picture disc.

Reissued January 4th, 2010 on CD ("Necropack Edition") by Reborn Records with the following bonus track:
12. Beyond the Veil (Live in Italy '98)

Reissued in June, 2011 as a limited edition of 66 copies "Secret Sudaria Necrodigipack" by Wild Prod.

Reissued on CD in 2011 by Dark Descent Records with the following bonus track:
12. Beyond the Veil (Live in Italy '98)

Recording information:

Recorded at PKM Studios(VC - Italy) 1996.

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