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Morte Incandescente > ...o Mundo Morreu!
Morte Incandescente - ...o Mundo Morreu!
Morte Incandescente discography (main)
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Morte Incandescente discography (all)
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Remnants of a Flaming Past

...o Mundo Morreu!

Morte Incandescente

Release date:
March 18th, 2016
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
War Arts Productions
12" vinyl
500 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Diz Não à Vida 04:42  
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2. Num Cemitério 03:59  
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3. O Final de uma Era 05:45  
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4. Nunca Mais Irá Amanhecer 02:10  
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5. Distúrbio Absoluto 03:45  
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6. Ser Incrédulo 03:00  
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Side B
7. Nas Esquinas da Alma 06:27   Show lyrics
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8. O Sol Não Nasce Mais 02:56   Show lyrics
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9. Tiro no Escuro 03:59   Show lyrics
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10. Diz Adeus 04:05   Show lyrics
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11. O Fogo de Dentro 02:23  
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12. Um Rasto de Ódio 04:59  
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Band members
Vulturius Vocals, Guitars
Nocturnus Horrendus Vocals, Bass, Drums
Miscellaneous staff
J. Goat Layout
Vulturius Vocals, Guitars
Nocturnus Horrendus Vocals, Bass, Drums
J. Goat Layout
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The album title means "The World Died" in Portuguese.

Translation of the song titles:

1. Say No to Life
2. In a Cemetery
3. The End of an Era
4. Never Again Will Dawn
5. Absolute Disturbance
6. To Be Unbeliever

7. In the Corners of the Soul
8. The Sun No More Rises
9. Shot in the Dark
10. Say Goodbye
11. The Fire Within
12. A Trail of Hate

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