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Morphine - Dysphoria II
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Dysphoria II


Release date:
February 14th, 2024
Catalog ID:
Pit of Plagues
None yet
1. Gender 03:56  
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2. HRT 04:43  
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3. Never Passing 05:15  
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4. Life in Loathing 04:38  
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5. Dysphoria 04:27  
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6. Mortality 06:36  
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7. Not Alone 02:29  
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Direct sequel to the album, Dysphoria, which released in January 2020.

An extension to the EP Exogenous and full length album, Visibility, and billed as the last Morphine album for an extended duration.

The album was recorded after The Patient suffered a near death experience in February 2023. The writing process brought Morphine out of its hiatus.

Recording information:

Written throughout 2023.
Recorded in December 2023.
Mastered in January 2024.
Artwork by Emi Ellis (who also did the artwork for Visibility from 2022).

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