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Morgh > Absorbed, Enticed, Deceived
Morgh - Absorbed, Enticed, Deceived
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Impaling Sin

Absorbed, Enticed, Deceived


Release date:
October 27th, 2011
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. To Hell...  
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2. Beyond Grey Stones   Show lyrics
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3. Glory Am I pt.I  
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4. Free! (old 2008 track)  
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5. Glory Am I pt.II  
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V Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Other Instruments
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All music was recorded from November 2010 to january 2011 by Morgh at V's private studio. All music and lyrics were written and performed by V. The music was also self produced by V including all recording, mixing and mastering. All guitars, vocals, drums and other instruments were performed by V.

V - All guitars, Lead Vocals, Drums nad other instruments

Track 4, "Free!" is an old song originally writen and recorded in December of 2008. Again all lyrics, instruments, and vocals on this track were writen and performed by V. The reason for such a late release of this song is after the original recording three years ago, all files of this song were lost due to moving around. Fortunately earlier this year in january of 2011. V came across a cd-r of the original song, and hear it is on this album!

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