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Csejthe / Odes



Release date:
March 1992
Catalog ID:
Dark Industries
2 reviews (avg. 80%)
Side A
1. Bloody Countess 19:25  
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2. First Birth of the Cruel Nymph 04:30  
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Side B
3. Last Demoniac Invocation 07:41  
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4. Self Immolation for My Sweet Goddess of the Dark Dawn 09:48  
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5. The Moment of the Worship of Total Evilution 02:19  
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Dam Gomhory Bass, Vocals, Percussion
Opale Ablasorh Vocals (female)
Scorh Anyroth Vocals, Guitars, Machines
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"Bloody Countess" is dedicated to Elizabeth Bathory.
"First Birth of the Cruel Nymph" is dedicated to Rhodophis VI, Egyptian Dynasty.
"Last Demoniac Invocation" is dedicated to Them.
"Self Immolation for My Sweet Goddess of the Dark Dawn" is dedicated to Ellav Ablasor, XX Century.
"The Moment of the Worship of Total Evilution" is dedicated to the complete Evilution.

Recording information:

Csejthe was recorded between December 1991 and March 1992.
"In Search of Pure Negation" was recorded between December 1992 and March 1993. It was used for the limited edition of the compilation The Way of Nihilism in 1993.
"Agony: The Ascent of the Mountain" was recorded between March/ April 1995.
All songs remixed at Dark Sound Studio in 1994/1995.

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