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Release date:
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Demonion Productions
500 copies
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1. The Judgement of Demigod Pt II 06:19  
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2. The Last Shadows of Lost Darkness Paradise 09:17   Show lyrics
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3. The Judgement of Demigod Pt IV 07:07  
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4. Descent of a Prophetic Vision (Varathron cover) (live) 03:16  
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5. Overture (live) 02:01  
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6. The Judgement of Demigod Pt III (live) 01:19  
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7. The Eternal Agony from Vacuum Spirit (live) 09:43  
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8. The Last Shadows of Lost Darkness Paradise (live) 09:19   Show lyrics
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9. From Origin to Dued Cold (live) 08:35   Show lyrics
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10. The Judgement of Demigod Pt II (live) 05:12  
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11. Crionics (Slayer cover) 03:29  
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Ad'Lung Drums (tracks 4-10)
Paullus Moura Bass, Vocals
R. Bressan Guitars
Pétros Nilo Guitars
Naitsirch C'Bontus Keyboards
Feralis Drums
Ludwick Schölzel Vocals
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Recording information:

Produced by Demonion Productions. Recorded, mixed and mastered in Pro Studio in 24 tracks between November and December 2000. Sound engineer: Cassio Martin. Sound assistant: Vinicius Almeida. (*) bonus reh 2000; (**) live bonus track. Songs composed by Morcrof; except for Varathron's "descent of the prophetic vision" cover and Slayer's "crionics" cover. Cover image © 1958 Alberto Salomone. Lyrics by Paullus Moura, Ludwick Schölzel and Beah Gênes Hajj-Ahriman. Drums' versions (*) and (**) by Ad'Lung. Female vocals by Lyvia Peixoto and Joyce Peixoto. Art and design by Ludwick Schölzel. © 2001 Demonion Prodictions | ℗2001 Morcrof

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