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Morbid Angel > Complete Acid Terror
Morbid Angel - Complete Acid Terror
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Complete Acid Terror

Morbid Angel

Release date:
December 1st, 2017
Catalog ID:
Silver Lining Music
None yet
1. Piles of Little Arms 03:47   instrumental
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2. Battlebots 03:00   instrumental
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3. Sludge Creeper 04:26   instrumental
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4. Acid Crusher 05:44   instrumental
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5. 7 String Swing 05:06   instrumental
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6. Warped 03:57   instrumental
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7. Secret Hell 04:18   instrumental
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Trey Azagthoth Guitars, Keyboards
Steve Tucker Bass
Scott Fuller Drums
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Includes 7 instrumental demo tracks previously available only on Deluxe box set and Limited 2CD edition of Kingdoms Disdained'17 album.

Conformity of demo and album versions of songs:
Track 2 later named "D.E.A.D. (Department of Eradication and Disposal)"
Track 3 - "Garden of Disdain"
Track 4 - "Architect and Iconoclast"
Track 5 - "The Pillars Crumbling"
Track 6 - "Paradigms Warped"
Track 7 - "Declaring New Law (Secret Hell)"

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