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Moonlyght > Return to Desolation
Moonlyght - Return to Desolation
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Return to Desolation


Release date:
July 7th, 2015
Catalog ID:
BHR 017
Blast Head Records
None yet
1. Return to Desolation 08:32  
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2. Human Remembrance 05:41  
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3. Dwelling in Earth's Shadow 09:34  
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4. A Distant Illusion of Freedom 06:28  
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5. Universal Pain 09:52  
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6. The Sweet Poisoned Light 08:09  
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7. (To a) Ghastly Future 09:56  
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8. Revelations from the Other Side 06:49  
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9. Blowing Winds 06:03  
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Sébastien Robitaille Vocals, Guitars
Christian Jacques Bass
Luc Gaulin Drums, Percussion
Thierry Nadeau-Cossette Keyboards
Fred Bédard Guitars (lead)
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