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Rehearsal 12


Release date:
March 10th, 1998
Catalog ID:
2 reviews (avg. 87%)
Side A
1. Endless Chaos 08:18  
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2. Domain of Hell 08:04  
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3. Witchfinder General (Witchfinder General cover) 03:52   Show lyrics
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4. A Walk in the Woods 06:25   Show lyrics
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5. The Quest After the Doctrines of Might & Wisdom 09:44  
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6. Medieval Tunes 01:12   instrumental
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7. Into Frozen Forests 07:23  
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Side B
8. In the Moors 10:52  
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9. These Graves & Wooden Coffins Are My Realm 11:50  
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10. When the Moonlight Takes the Sky 08:31  
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11. Burning in Hell 04:45  
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12. Troglodytin 04:56  
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13. As a Soul in the Blazing Banner of Darkness 05:30  
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Gaamalzagoth Vocals
Occulta Mors All instruments
Read ..and iiiiii'm the... 89% caspian July 23rd, 2008
Read CDs are for pussys 84% SupremeAbstract March 23rd, 2008

All songs written by Moonblood
Execpt Track 3 was originally Performed by Witchfinder General
Lyrics to track 12 by G. Kolmar
Lyrics to track 1, 2, 4, written by Skogen

"Burning in hell" isn't a Possessed cover version, but a track written in honour to "the" Bathory album ever - "Bathory".

Recording information:

Recorded during January - March 1998

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