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Fuck Peace! We're at War!

Moonblood / Evil

Release date:
November 1999
Catalog ID:
South 19
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Southern Productions
500 copies
1 review (avg. 26%)
Side A - Fuck Peace!
1. Evil - The Hammer Falls in the Southern Lands 02:50  
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2. Evil - Triumph of Sword 05:36  
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3. Evil - Horns Reflects on My Witchsteel 02:56  
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4. Evil - To Die with Honour and Loyalty 05:34  
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5. Evil - Let's Our Folk Prevails 02:53  
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6. Evil - Journey to the Ancient Battle Times 04:23  
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Side B - We're at War!
7. Moonblood - Burning in Hell 04:55  
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8. Moonblood - These Graves and Wooden Coffins Are My Realm 10:55  
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9. Moonblood - The Quest After the Doctrines of Mighty & Wisdom 09:09  
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Gaamalzagoth Vocals
Occulta Mors All instruments
Warlord Von Ravenclaw Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Keyboards
Read Let's Our Folk Prevails!... 26% Shadespawn October 3rd, 2008

However, a majority of the copies were confiscated by German authorities.
As a result, bootlegs of this tape are very common. More common than the legitimate release itself.

Evil's website credited a label called "Wolf Distribution" as well.

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